Friday, July 20, 2012

Cherish it.

My favorite time of day since Apollo was born has been bedtime. He loves his bath (I mean, if I ever give him one...) and cuddles with me in his towel afterwards. I give him his Night night giraffe while we cuddle and drink milk while we rock in his blue rocking chair. My new favorite thing though is the way he puts his finger to his lips and says "ssssssssss" because he knows it's quiet time. We sing a few songs and he shushes me and gives me and his giraffe lots of kisses and gives the biggest smiles in the whole world. We say a prayer, I kiss him on the forehead and I put him down in his crib where he holds his giraffe tight, rolls on his side and waits for me to put his blanket over him. Some days are so hard with a 14 month old baby. Some moments I just want to rip my hair out. Some nights I don't have the patience to make our night routine special, and sometimes he doesn't. It's still the best part of our day no matter what. The past week was a little rough with his new bedroom, but I think we've all started to become adjusted to our new home. Pictures soon! I promise :)