Thursday, December 29, 2011

the four pictures I took of Christmas.

My gift wrapping. totally trendy right? I bought the paper for Aaron's Halloween Costume, and I thought I would do something cute with it for Christmas. Little did I know Pinterest was already all over the brown paper packages. I spent WAY too long wrapping gifts.
The Christmas Scene. A car seat for Christmas! Yes please! The pack 'n' play was filled with "pit balls" which I thought 100 balls would cover. I was wrong. Typical. My brain can't handle things like that. Like seeing stacks of lids at a fast food restaurant. Unless they're labeled small, medium, and large, for the life of me I cannot guess which one will fit the cup. Ask me how many times I've tried to fit a large lid on a small cup and I will not be able to tell you.
Paul enjoying his "ball pit" (idea also from Pinterest). Also a side note: Apollo is peeing though his size 3 overnight diapers and I still have 30 left. Awesome.
 Aunt Jean's Christmas dinner.

Also, I took pictures of myself and Aaron separately with Apollo and said "You know, just in case we get divorced or something," That joke would have been funny at my family's Christmas party, but I'm not sure how it worked at Jean's. Ah well. C'est la vie!

Whoa, I just wrote a ton of crap.

Remember that one year (2009, 2010?) when everyone and their dog's new years resolution was "simplify"? Usually that seemed to turn into complicate, and everyone decided to reorganize their kitchen/schedule/junk room.

But lately I've really been thinking about simplifying my life. I spend way too much time on the computer (to be honest, I'm online all day every day at work). I cut out Facebook for awhile and I feel like I could breathe for awhile.

My phone has been dead for at least a week. I feel like I am free! I'm really just too lazy to find my charger and plug it in, but whatever.

Months ago I stopped watching tv/netflix/youtube reading blogs or playing games (or cleaning...) when I was home with Apollo. It made my time at home much more enjoyable.

But all of this makes me sound like I'm going to become a hermit and hide from the rest of the world, but what is so wrong with that? Sometimes I want it to just be Apollo, Aaron and me. I don't want to deal with other people or drama. I want to see the people I want to see, good friends, family, quit my job, own a house, get a dog, live off the land... Okay just kidding about that last one.

So can I just disappear for awhile?

I love my friends that I pretty much only talk to online. I really do! Which is why I can't really disappear from the internet. And I don't want to delete all of the annoying people off of Facebook because I love to see how annoying they are. What a dilemma.

Also, I took off this entire week (11 day weekend, holla!!!) and my life is really great right now and I'm the happiest I've ever been. When Apollo was born I wrote the truth about how hard it was and how much he cried and stuff and people would say things like "He sounds like such a screamer," but I really was having the best time of my life. I wrote about pregnancy the way I was really feeling during it. I tried not to sound like a downer and make things dramatic, but I think any kind of discussion about pregnancy is going to sound like a complaint. I'm not going to say I loved having back labor but giving birth was the best thing in the world. The only good things about being pregnant are feeling the baby move and the excitement of meeting your baby. And in my case, the best complexion/hair of my life. I want to keep things honest around here, blog, is that ok? Do I sound like I'm complaining?

Apollo has become such an easy baby (or I've become a less lazy mommy) and he's happy and loves to play. I love being a mom (even in the really hard first three months), I love being a wife.  Even though last month we had zero dollars after all of our holiday shopping - my life is awesome. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best Christmas of My Life.

This has honestly been the best Christmas I have ever been to (or even heard of?), something about having a child made the whole day so magical. I think I took like three pictures the entire day? Oh well.

Some gift highlights:

Receiving two baby bullets (one from Aaron, one from my mom)
Receiving two almost identical grey dresses (One from my aunt, one from my MIL)
Gifting my aunt the same ornament she gifted my mother.
My new (red) Kitchen Aid
Our new Kinect and Android tablet
Apollo's new [loud and blinky] toys that he loves SO MUCH. How did I let him play with simple rattles before now? He's in love with trains. 

We started out our day at midnight. Yes. Aaron and I just cannot wait for Christmas. Last year I think we opened our presents on Christmas eve or before. Aaron did a really good job on my stocking. Stockings in my family have fun gifts, necessities (like make up or underwear), and candy. Aaron's family is an all candy stocking family, so that's what I gave to him (and a lego Harry Potter thing). We bought a treadmill earlier this month for my Christmas present from my boss, and he got me the baby bullet. I got him a professional looking basket ball hoop that hangs over the door (seriously it looks awesome. I think he really liked it), another controller for his XBOX, and the Lord of the Rings movies on BluRay.

When Apollo woke up we took him to open his presents. He never really got the hang of pulling the paper off but once the paper was off he basically attacked all of his toys. I put baby food jars in his stocking :]. It was really fun.

We went to Tammy's house and opened presents with the family, it was really fun. Apollo loves his grandparents and cousin so much. It's so fun to see him interact with them. We had breakfast there and then went over to my family's house to open gifts. It's so nice to have my Aunt and cousin Marci and Sam and her daughter Zoe in Utah to have Christmas and other holidays with us.

Then it was dinner with Aaron's aunt, Jean. I love this tradition. Although Apollo was cranky because he didn't eat much or nap well the entire day it really was pleasant. He loves to watch his cousins play and laugh and Ruth and Devon's puppy play.

Anyway, I used the words So, Really, Love and Fun way too much in this blog post. But right now I am a happy girl. I really am in love with this baby of mine, my sweet husband and my great family.

Love ya!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas-y Thoughts.

This Christmas has been a more emotional, thought provoking one for me. The first Sunday in December, we sang Silent Night and I looked at the little girl next to me who was asleep on her moms shoulder as they sang "sleep in heavenly pea-aaace..." - I seriously had to choke back tears. Jesus was a BABY?! Why have I never thought about it before!

Okay, I know I've thought about the fact that Jesus was a baby before. I wasn't that oblivious before I had a child or anything. Babies are just so small and fragile! Christmas videos like this one I saw on Alyssa's blog, make me cry! I'm a wimp. seriously.

Anyway... I'm just rambling. Apollo's first Christmas is going to be small (and great). I am really in the Christmas spirit these days. I've been thinking a lot about traditions I want to do with our family. He's still so teeny a lot of these won't be so exciting until next year but here's two things I want to do every year. Hopefully we will have more as the years go by.

Lights at Thanksgiving Point

Temple Square
This is my favorite family picture... ever. We don't get to take many pictures together. We do get the ten minute over lap between jobs in the morning when Aaron gets home and in the evening when I get home. One day we will get to sleep in the same bed together :).

I love love love love love love love my life right now. I've honestly never been happier in my life. Although my bank account and scale aren't the happiest with me, I will forever cherish this time with my little family. I love Apollo's baby-ness. Sometimes I think about him walking and talking and I can't fathom it. He's starting to crawl, saying daddy (I can't tell if he really knows what he's saying yet...), and growling at us. He loves to drop his toys from his high chair, hold his bottle while laying on the ground and playing with his cousins. 

I'm a happy happy girl.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I deactivated my Facebook. In case anyone thinks I blocked them, I didn't! <3 Bonnie

Friday, December 16, 2011

probably stuff noone cares about.

Last night I was watching Six Feet Under with my friend Trent. If you know the show, that probably tells you way more about my character and lack of proper TV watching than I probably should be sharing. If you don't know the show - it was on HBO... so, you know...

Anyway, there is this family on that show that are totally raising their baby like hippies. They call their bed the family bed (i hate that term) and stuff like that. Anyway, my friend Trent said "I'm so glad you're not like that," and it got me thinking. I thought I would love to do the whole hippie mom/attachment parenting routine. All you see online (babycenter, the nest) are people advocating these things or bashing people who don't do these things.

List of things I thought I would love to do with Apollo or Things I thought Apollo would like:

Baby wearing: If you've seen my baby you know he's ginormous and wiggly. He did not like the sling, he did not like the baby bjorn, he didn't like any of it. He loves to be carried, but not in a sling. I wish he would like the sling, because that kid weighs almost 25 pounds at 7 months.

Breastfeeding - I thought I would be one of those moms who would be able to whip it out no matter where I was/what I was doing (covered of course). Also, I had no earthly idea that breastfeeding hurt. so. much. I found out quickly I was way too modest, and could only breastfeed when I was alone. I did it for three months, and the thought of pumping at work made me sick, it still hurt, and I was done. It was a hard and sad decision, but I was relieved to be done. I will definitely do it again for my other kids.

Co-Sleeping - I don't necessarily mean the whole "family bed" thing, but I planned on sharing our room with him for quite awhile. I thought it would be nice to share the bed with Apollo sometimes, but not every night. Sometimes at night when I'm just too tired, I'll stick him in bed with me to give him a bottle. And then before he falls asleep he hits me in the face a hundred times trying to get comfortable. No bed sharing. He sleeps so soundly when he's on his own, he doesn't really like to be rocked to sleep any more. Binky, night night giraffe, blankie - he's out.

Cloth diapers - HA who am I kidding. I love cloth diapers. I love changing them, I love seeing his little body with a huge puffy diaper on, I love washing them, I love not buying diapers, I love that he RARELY has a blow out in my cloth diapers and I love that I bought probably the crappiest diapers on the planet and they're still working for us. I feel guilty when he poops in a disposable because you're not really supposed to throw poop in the trash. I think I'm going to start using cloth wipes too (CLOTH NAPKINS? save the planet!) Haha. I've really never cared about wasting stuff before, but it's been making me think lately about all of the crap I throw away. (plus I'm saving major bucks)

Another note:

Crying it out - not worth it. I have been letting him cry a little the past few weeks, when he's really fussy and everything has been taken care of. but if he cries more than a few minutes he's either not tired enough or just needs a little more help going to sleep. Usually he doesn't need me if he's actually tired. but that's just Apollo he's a pretty independent kid. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Night --

I fed my baby his night time bottle. I gave him his binky and we cuddled for a minute. I laid him on his back, handed him his Night-Night Giraffe, and he rolled on to his side, hugging it close. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he smiled through his binky, closing his eyes.

It was definitely the sweetest and most rewarding moment in my mothering experience.