Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life is good.

Today I left for work at 6am. I started a new shift so I could be with my sweet boy longer during the day and so my husband can get some more sleep during the week.

I am blessed. I'm blessed I have a husband who goes to work and school most hours of the day. I have to remember that when I only get to see him for five or ten minutes out of a 48 hr period. I'm blessed to have a job with great insurance these past few months during my pregnancy and surgeries. And I'm grateful for a sweet baby who makes my life so joyful.

I am happy. I need to remember my trials are small.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stuff that's going on

Well this week has been fun. Okay maybe the opposite of that. It's gone by in a blur anyhow... Probably you don't need to read this blog because it's all boring.

On Wednesday I was taking a break with Gurney and my brother at work. All of a sudden I started to feel really nauseous and we were joking that I was probably pregnant. And then I thought I was having a heart attack. And then I couldn't talk because I couldn't breathe. Fast forward ten minutes - I was in the car praying that I would pass out because I was in so much pain - But then I changed my mind because Gurney was already trying to deal with me practically DYING in the car - and carrying me into the ER wouldn't have been the best idea.

Fast forward an hour - I'm on an ER bed and the teeny room is full and I'm starting to feel better and I'm kind of ticked because I think they're not even going to find anything. They give me some good drugs and take me up for an ultrasound and the tech tells me I'm pregnant with twins. Ha. I almost laughed. My gall bladder though is FULL of stones. I couldn't believe how full it looked. The thing has got to come out that night or the next day.... coool.... The next few days are a blur - My gall bladder comes out, but there are stones in my bile duct so I have to have another surgery. My mother in law visited but I can't remember anything we talked about. I got to see my baby. My heart rate kept dropping and I kept forgetting to breathe while coming out of the anesthesia. I said a lot of weird things to the nurses like "Only like TWO of those people were even nice to me," after my second procedure. I asked my surgeon "COULD I HAVE DIED?" afterward.

The great news is that I hit my deductible when I had Apollo so you know, thats over and done with.

Mostly I'm surprised that I didn't know anything was up before Wednesday. But I guess these kinds of things happen during and after pregnancy.

This morning I slept with my baby in my arms and it was really nice. I've felt so disconnected because of my surgery and everything. It was really starting to wear me down. I just put him down for bed after his bath ( my absolute favorite part of the day ) and he is just so sweet and perfect... I love him.

I think sometimes I make him seem awful on this blog. I try to keep things real - I mean he's a baby and cries - but he is the cutest, happiest and smiliest little baby I've ever seen.

Also it's my anniversary - we went out for dinner at Goodwood but to be honest it kind of drowned in the surgery bidness.