Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apollo from Bonnie Herrmann on Vimeo.

Back to work.

(Adrianne's pet peeve. Pictures of drool/spit up covered babies.)

Today marks a week going back to work after having Apollo. Is it bad of me to say I am loving it? Honestly I feel like I am getting a break (and getting paid to do so) by working for 8 hours. I come home and love on this little guy like there is no tomorrow! I feel like I miss him exactly enough, and he could do nothing to annoy me (not that he really does, but you know sometimes the crying can put you on edge). I love seeing my work friends, having conversations that don't revolve around poop, and having lunch with adults. (am I really an adult?)

The other night when I went to see Harry Potter I had a really rough day the next day. I had barely seen my baby and I was worried that he "forgot" me. I know thats not true and I just like to beat myself up about everything.. but still! It was hard not to see my baby for more than an hour or so. Love that kid man. He's so sweet. Today when I came home he gave me SO much love and smiles. I LOVE HIM.
All ready for Aunt Marci's house.

Apollo really follows this schedule I stumbled upon: sleep routines. After about an hour of being awake he starts to get a little cranky and if I wrap him up he goes silent, and if I bounce him, he goes to sleep. The only exception is in the evening before bed - he'll stay up for 3 or 4 hours. But honestly I love that sleep routine thing... I will send it to each new mom. I know it worked for me, and it might not work for others, but if you have a baby that seems to cry for no reason or won't nap... I would give it a try. I found it after the first 3 weeks or so and it really changed my thinking... anyway

this seems to be our new routine(ish):

I wake up around 7:00 to Apollo's eating requests and he falls asleep again
7:50 I leave for work
8:15 Aaron takes Apollo to my Aunt's house in American Fork and goes to school
10:00 Feeding and play time for Apollo
11:00 Naptime/Aaron picks up Apollo
1:00 Feeding and play time
2:00 Naptime
4:00 feeding and play time
5:00 I come home
5:30 Aaron leaves for work/sometimes Apollo naps but it seems like most of the time he is up and happy until
7:00 Usually once he starts getting grumpy I give him a bath, lotion him up, warm pjs in the dryer... He LOVES bath time and so do I!
7:30 Swaddle and Bottle. killer combination... the kid is out within minutes after laying him down drowsy.
10:00... My plan is to wake him up at ten to give him another bottle so hopefully his long sleep (usually 5-6 hours) is during my sleep time... but this isn't really working, he still wakes up around 2 and 5. I also wish 7:30 bed time could be just a nap, but he won't have it man.... This boy loves his sleep and thrives on his own little routine. I love that he's so predictable.
2:00 Bottle and back to bed (he's awesome like that)
5:00 Bottle and back to bed.