Sunday, February 27, 2011

February needs to be OVER.

I just wrote out a huge long blog about why this month has been the worst. Then I deleted it. Really though, its been rough and now I am sick and haven't done anything productive in 48 hours. Unexpected stolen cars/car repairs/hospital bills/illness/random spending has made for an expensive, EXPENSIVE month. Mostly I just think I'm in a crabby/crappy mood. Which is funny because aaron just sent me this little gem.
Yes, my friends. 24 days after our wedding, Aaron and I exchanged sweet nothings via gmail emoticons. We are in LOVE. Piles of poo... A crab... what else do you need?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everyday I'm getting more and more ready for our little guy to get here... every time I peek into the baby's room I think about a little head peeking out of the top. I just can't wait! Every day I just count down the weeks...

A girl actually said to me the other day "You look like you can barely walk,". I wasn't even walking, I was just standing, and I was even feeling really good that day. I'm 90% sure she just wanted to say something insulting to me in the first place, but I just didn't even give her the time of day -- I'm so over people talking to me. Whatever. I'm short and there's nowhere for this baby to go except out. ha! I haven't gained a lot of weight but I am sure these last two months I will pack it on! crazy.

A couple of weeks ago I went over to Adrianne's house for a craft night. I made this cute family tree for our living room. I absolutely love it. Thanks Adrianne!

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Camera and 29 weeks pregnant

Two things about this picture
1. This is me at 29 weeks pregnant and yes I know I look huge
2. Yes, I did crop out my elbow (you know why)

Well, we got a new camera at the Herrmann house.
Hopefully this means we will take more pictures. I really like this picture of Aaron because this is his real laugh. This is a look of pure joy.
This is my dog Biscuit. Yes, she wears sweaters. She gets really excited when she sees her sweater.
This is Zoe. She might look scared in this picture, but she covers her mouth when she giggles.
And this is our cute niece Aleah. I love that face.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am officially Bonnie Lurline Herrmann.
Yes, I finally changed my name after 1.5 years of marriage. I guess I'm sticking around.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In 8-14 business days Aaron and I will have every penny saved for maternity leave. What a relief! I'm seriously pumped.

January was a long month, and I am glad to be out of it. It feels like Christmas was a a year ago! Maybe it's the pregnancy, but seriously that month took forever. Looking back on my goals...

Enjoying the Journey - Even though our car was stolen, we are pretty excited to get a new car for Aaron. We're looking for blessings in everything these days :). We've been trying to enjoy what we have and get the most out of our time together while Aaron is in-between jobs (there's only like a two week gap). We're excited for him to start his new job (more pay, better hours, but... in Salt Lake... another reason to get a nicer car?) It's been so nice to have him home and so nice for him to have some extra time to work on schoolwork.

Service - I haven't done much by way of volunteering for things at church. I probably could have called my visiting teaching companion and taken care of that. Two of the sisters I teach are in my apartment complex... I just hope they're not on the third floor? I've been on the look-0ut for opportunities to serve, and have had some success, but I just need to keep my eyes open.

And today I'm off to the doctor. Less than 3 months to go. Maybe I gained a million pounds this month.

Let me just say.... I always thought pregnant people waddled because their stomachs were ginormous. Little did I know... about 25% of pregnant ladies suffer with pelvic pain that maybe makes you want to die if you sleep wrong, get out of the car wrong, walk down stairs, put on your pants or get out of your desk chair. My doctor was telling me one of his patients has been using a WALKER. seriously? A walker? And he was telling me people actually get handicap tags because their pain is so bad.

Yeah I definitely don't need a walker or a handicap parking pass. Usually a bath will cure my pain. I'm lucky I don't have it as bad as some people. yikes. But if you see me waddling a little bit try not to hate me too much.

There are so many weird things about pregnancy and not everybody experiences them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sometimes life is a dream.

Yesterday was perfect.

I came home to a napping husband. He did homework for five hours and I took a bath. I read about halfway through a book. I made egg bagels for us, we watched some episodes of 30 rock, I took a shower and read some more.
Somewhere in there my friend Trent came over.
There is just something really nice about doing your own thing at home with your best friend in the next room- just in case you need to read a funny sentance from your book outloud.
That sounds really boring. But how boring will life be with a newborn? I'll savor my boredom.
P.s. -- All I want to eat anymore is eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs. Over easy. Everything else sounds gross in comparison.