Monday, January 31, 2011

My mom had a dream...

that my baby was born and looked like I did... a little eskimo baby...
yes. I will take it. I want a little boy with black hair and huge eyes that don't even show a hint of white.
But I'll also take a little boy with light brown hair and color-changing eyes like Edward Aaron. (ha, just kidding -- not that much of a twilight nerd).
OR I'll take a little blondie boy with blue eyes.... or brown eyes.
Or a little redhead...
Man I just can't wait. Starting my family is so exciting....
3 months (hopefully at the longest) left!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yesterday was the longest day of my life.

Yesterday morning we woke up at seven to go to a photoshoot with Lissa. We walked outside and...........

Aaron's car was gone. Yep. It disappeared. There wasn't any glass on the ground, or anything. So I thought well maybe it was towed. So we headed on down to Provo and called the police on the way. We called our landlord to give us the towing agency's phone number. They didn't take it. The police officer called our bank to see if maybe some paperwork had been mixed up and the wrong car was repo'd. no go. Our car had simply been taken.

Apparently, Aaron's car is a favorite for chop shops. Even though it's old, some of the pieces in it are valuable for racing cars. Plus the car has kept it's value well.

The photo shoot was fun (and the coldest I've ever been in my life... what was I thinking wearing a short sleeved dress??) I can't wait to see the pictures!

The ride home was frustrating and tearful when the cop told us the car was just gone and is now on the national registry for stolen cars. The cop told us just to call our insurance and let them know what happened.

I've heard that most cars that are stolen show up after a few days a couple miles away, but in the case of Aaron's car it probably is already in 200 pieces and being sold on ebay, but the insurance company makes us wait 30 days before they will give us anything. So I called them reluctantly, thinking we only had the lowest insurance so we wouldn't get anything for the car. Apparently we have comprehensive insurance... which is awesome. So we should at least be able to pay off the loan for the car... in 30 days.

So thirty days with one car... Aaron goes to school in Orem and works in Salt Lake. awesome.

anyway.............................................. so thats our day.

Oh and my mac died.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The view from the top.
The view from the front.
do you know how embarassing it is to take a picture in the mirror at work?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I carried three bags of groceries, milk and my purse up to the apartment after shopping for half an hour. Some days that is seriously impossible. There have been a few days where I seriously use the railing to get up the stairs and can't catch my breath for fifteen minutes. For me pregnancy equals inconsistency.

Today I feel like I could run a marathon, some days I feel like I might die if I take another step.

Most days I just feel fat and lazy. I wish more of my friends were preggo, maybe I would feel more normal. The only person I have to compare to has had a rough pregnancy. Her feet are sooo swollen, and she's only about three weeks ahead of me. She has had tons of ultra sounds to check up on her little guy (who they first told her was a GIRL). Sometimes pregnancy is torture.

Other moms and current preggos (Tenika):

Am I normal to get so tired and winded already?
Am I fat and lazy?
Do you have days where you seriously need to lean on the shopping cart to relieve pain in your back and hips?
Do you have days where you feel awesome and you could dance all night? Do you feel like dancing? Why do I feel like dancing? Are you a good dancer? I'm NOT a good dancer.
Do you feel little feet in your ribs? I have no waist at all.

Sigh. I sound whiny.

14 Weeks to go.

If you look a little to your right....

You will notice I have exactly 100 days until I have a baby.

Uh, yeah, okay maybe that seems alot to you non-preggos out there.
But I'm almost two-thirds done with my pregnancy.
I hate when people (men) are like "YOU STILL HAVE THREE MONTHS LEFT?!".
Seriously, I'm not that huge, I dont look like I should be pushing a baby out any second.
When I'm huge... oh you'll know.
But the thing is.... I am huge.... When I look in the mirror I just am in awe at my stomach. Cute outfits are few and far between.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Recipe

2 Cups Milk
1 Splash Vanilla
Some Sugar
1. Mix
2. Microwave for two minutes
3. Enjoy frothy treat
Pregnancy Insmonia cure.
And I only woke up to pee once all night.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I Like.

1. Waking up to a clean house on Sundays.
2. Hot baths with an easy read.
3. Sleeping in.
4. Making a nest of pillows on the couch and attempting to sleep in it.
5. Playing games with my family.
6. Mashed potatos.
7. Poor spellers.
8. The baby's room coming together.
9. Rain overnight that melts the snow thats been on the ground for a month.
10. Pretending it's summer.
11. Traffic on MLK day.
12. People with good eyebrows.
Things I do not like:
1. Sleeping while pregnant.
2. Working husbands.

Friday, January 14, 2011

More stuff about pregnancy

I was trying to explain to my sister in law the other day how there really isn't anything good to say about pregnancy, but that I still enjoy it.
Does that make sense?
Between gaining weight, your uterus stretching, your baby squashing your organs, nosebleeds (I haven't actually experienced that one), feet swelling (not yet), and a ton of other weird/sometimes disgusting pregnancy symptoms... there are only a few awesome things about pregnancy...

My hair, skin and face. Besides that glaring coldsore, my face feels pretty. My hair is so shiney and easy to deal with and my face feels thinner. Also I brush my hair sometimes which is more than you can say for before I was pregnant.
Other awesome parts of being pregnant: Preparing the nursery, Ultrasounds, feeling your baby move, finding out the gender of your baby, holding other babies, cravings, being able to yell at your boss (just kidding, kind of), not taking groceries up three flights of stairs, not worrying about the way your body looks.
Anyway, I've been reading some horror stories about major balding after giving birth, so I'm just going to live it up while it lasts.

The weird part about pregnancy is how differently everyone's body reacts to it. The fact that I'm short and squatty means I've got baby feet up in my ribs and my lungs can't handle anything close to excersize. I've also felt like I can be super emotional at times, like after watching a movie or a commercial, but in general I feel more calm and less anxious than I was not pregnant. But I change my mind on that last one all the time.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crappy pictures, cute nursery.

Slowly, but surely, our nursery is coming together. We have the crib... and the car seat.

And I made this crib skirt over the weekend!

I am in LOVE. Seriously...

I couldn't find any crib sets that I was itching to register for, let alone buy.
I love that I was able to pick out my own fabrics for this project, and including a crib sheet (that I will be making this weekend) the entire project will have cost about a fourth of the price of a similar quality crib set. I used this tutorial here, with some editing on the size, and obviously I did a large border at the bottom, and only made the box pleats on the long sides.

If I had a preggo friend, I would make one for her!

I'm getting excited! And isn't that car seat cute? Obviously I (I almost said we... but really is Aaron picking out any fabric?) am going for a blue and brown theme, and everything we have so far has owls on it, but I promise I won't over do it with the owls...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year Goals... (a really long post)

(If anybody reads this whole post, I would love to get any kind of feedback! Good, Bad, You're psycho, whatever!)

I've never been much of a goal maker, and I have so many friends who are good at documenting their goals and following up on them later. (Two people I think of right off the bat are Nikki and Jamilyn. ) Usually the goals I've had in the past have been about excersize or running, and those have been the only ones I have kept up. At a friend's bridal shower a month ago, Nikki, a friend of mine, said "If you don't have goals, you can't get anywhere," or something like that. Anyway, that kept popping up in my mind, and I would disregard it. Mostly because, with this year, I don't know how to change anything. The baby is coming and I can't make fitness or body goals until the year is half over.

But, while talking to my husband one day, I decided I needed to clean up my language. I seriously have a language problem, especially in my car or any time I'm alone, and definitely at work. And I'm not talking light curses... so that got me thinking...

My New Year Goals are to:

Clean up the language -

With this, I have another goal:
Quit saying negative things about myself -- it's something my husband hates, and something I know people feel uncomfortable around. Also, if I say it, it gives other people the permission to say negative things about me as well, usually in a joking manner, thinking because I say it myself I must have the confidence to take a joke. I don't know if that makes sense.

Find Joy in the Journey -
I know this one sounds totally cheesey, but I am sick of saying to myself "If I can just make it to ______," (right now that blank is Maternity Leave. Other substitutions include: Christmas, the end of the semester, midterms, finals, spring break, summer, Sunday). There was a time when this was what got me through life, I would pray that I would simply make it through the day, but I am through that time now and have been for a long time. I remember praying and one day it changed to "help me get through this week," a major break through, and something I can be proud of!

I honestly am happy with my life -- I love my husband, I have a good job, he's doing well through school, he just got a new job, we love our home and our family is growing! I catch myself thinking though, that once he's done with school it will be easier, or once I have this baby I feel like my life will start, but honestly I need to LIVE! I need to enjoy these days instead of getting through the week to make it to the weekend, or getting through the day to make it to the evening.
A few sub goals are:

Make my house a home - This one is DEFINITELY inspired by Stephanie. She threw a bridal shower for our friend Jamilyn, and her house was seriously beautiful, and CLEAN. I know this isn't a permanant place for us. The more our family grows the more room we will need, but I need to make this place somewhere happy and joyful and full of things we love, and full of Christ. Somewhere to make memories.

Thrive at work -- I need to do my best, and enjoy my co-workers. (that last one might kill me)

Go on dates -- Hang out with my husband. Spend time with him away from the world, without thinking about things that stress us out. Make memories! I only see my husband for about an hour a night most days of the week, so the nights when he's not working we need to live it up! Instead of just sitting around at home... although we're spending time together we need to Everyone I know is good at that .... just not me. ha.

Find Oppurtunities to Serve -

The other day I was talking with a friend at work, Heather. She was having trouble with one of her friends, and said to me "Maybe I need to find a way to serve her,". Wow. Eye-opener. I know we talk often in church about how service can help us in so many different ways, and I always think about it as a general thing. Service can help us have better relationships blah blah blah, but I never thought of it as specific as Serving Your Friend Will Strengthen Your Relationship. Or maybe I had... who knows, whatever, anyway. I've been having a rocky relationship with one specific person lately (who is not my husband... fyi) and I know in the past few days just simple acts have gone a looong way.
Sub Goals:

Temple Attendance -- Monthly. Thats 12 times in 2011. I think I can definitely make that goal a reality.

Searching for Service Oppurtunities in the ward -- Volunteer. Do well in whatever calling I'm given.

Serve Co-workers, Family, and Friends -- Find small ways to serve to strengthen and keep relationships. I have a few friendships in mind - one where I know the friend is having a hard time even though she doesn't say it, and doesn't talk to me unless he/she needs or wants something. At times the conversations are just bringing me down. From time to time I want to cut the friendship, and I know from experience that sometimes people just need love for awhile. I also have a few family members in mind, that I know need the love that comes from service.

That was a LOT of writing. If anybody read it... let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I have obviously had a lot on my mind, and I just want to write them in a place where I can read them and remember!

One last thing... I feel like these goals are goals suited for a more perfect person. There are tons of small goals I need to work on too, and I always think people that have goals like these... goals that are personal must have such a perfect life -- They don't need to worry about dropping five pounds or not yelling at their husband. I just decided to go big or go home!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

24 weeks.

My mom told me I need to be documenting my belly better. I only seem to remember when I'm at work and the only option I have is a public restroom soooooo trying to hide from stalls that could open at any moment I snapped this picture for you.
Lucky for you, you can't see my entire shirt.
I always notice when people wear a white shirt without a t shirt underneath and I can see their bra strap or undershirt lines. Not that I think it's ugly or anything but I always make a mental note, but never remember to wear one.
Well, my friends, today I wore a white shirt over maternity pants which means I have an obvious black line across my stomach and back where my pants end and basically where my bra begins. Over the belly skinny maternity jeans (Aaron laughed the other day when I said "I can't find my skinny maternity jeans" he said "Isn't that an oxymoron?" ... wah wah).
Basically I'm a fashion failure. Maybe I'll try to remember to take another picture later.

Monday, January 3, 2011

On New Years Eve, 2010

Aaron looked at me very seriously and asked,

"How old am I?"

For the record, he's 24.

I wish you could see the concern on his face.

It didn't look like this, but he's cute.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I love This. Miss you already 2010 pop.