Saturday, January 30, 2010

I miss my long, unruly, lovely hair.
Please grow back, I miss you terribly. 

Last night's dream

I dreamt last night I had a magic crayon.

Yes, like Harold and the Purple Crayon.

But the crayon only worked when I was faithful and obedient. 

I miss being a child. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


for this week:

1) Paint toenails (seriously... gfriends need some help)
2) Work on work projects
3) Lift weights
4) Clean the house
5) Vacuum the house
6) Find and wash all of my socks (6 pairs, maybe... I haaate socks) and gym clothes.

Easy peasy... or should be.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Assistant Camp Leader.

Yep, you were all right (minus Cassee). I'm working with the Young Women! It's going to be fun. There are only two girls in YW right now, and one will be joining us closer to camp. It's crazy, but I'm definitely excited! 

Aaron said I practically gave it away....

Oh well, I guess I just wanted to send you all my pumpkin cookie love! 

Also, have you heard of It's this woman who is planning to lose 100 pounds in four months. A woman I work with is following her workouts and eating habits. I think she's nutso. (My friend-- not the woman) But I'm going to follow her blog and see how she progresses. 

Things are going well for us here, we are making friends in the ward, I finally met the girls that live above us, I have a calling, and we both did our respective home/visiting teaching this month. I feel like 2010 is going to be a good year for the Herrmanns indeed. 

P.S. I found a free church meeting Zumba class that i'm going to take EARLY Monday morning, if anybody wants to try it :) 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's windy...

It's whistling out side,
it reminds me of the Shenandoah Valley hills,
I love the sound of the windows rattling.
(these are my mountains)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Have you tried it?
I did today, and kind of looked like the biggest idiot on the planet, but I LOVVEEED IT! Join me? 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Church Calling...

Well, it looks like we won't be moving, but thats okay, any time the house is clean I feel alright about the apartment.

PLUS, finally, after six months of living in Provo, I have a calling! (a church assignment, given by the bishop) 

But, I can't tell you quite yet, as I have not been officially "called". Come sunday, I will be...

So leave your guesses in my comments and I will hand deliver you pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! (or send them to you if you live in logan or something) you don't necessarily have to win... maybe i just want to see your lovely faces! 

Some hints:

1. It is not in Relief Society
2. My past callings were: RS pianist, nursery leader, and FHE committee member (how I met my dear sweet Herrmann A) it is nothing like my past callings!
3. I will be going into the mountains in June.
4. The bishop asked me if I was pregnizzle or planning to be so (NOOO)

Will I be singing loud for all to hear?
Will I be confiscating Mia maid and Laurel cellphones? 
Will I be handing out crayons, markers or pens?

Guess Guess Guess! 

Friday, January 15, 2010


Everyday at work, I find myself looking at ads on craigslist and KSL for a new apartment. I sure love the brick home I live in. I love the quiet neighbors! I can only hear them everynow and then with ddr or rock band (or SOMETHING...). I don't even mind the fact that in the middle of the night I have to look both ways to cross the hall and get to the rest of the apartment... Or the fact that my bedroom is 9x11 feet. I DO mind that there is only one plug in the living room, and that I have extension cords everywhere you look, and no closet to put my broom and vacuum.

I do like that I pay 500 dollars with utilities every month! Recently, though, I've found that I can move into many other places for almost the same amount, that have new carpets and fresh (lead free) paint on the walls.

So do I wait out the last 4 months of our contract?
Yeah probably...
Well, maybe one day, bonzomb...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A year ago??? January edition...

In January,

a year ago, my dear friend Adrianne got married. 

I was hanging out with my MG's at the wedding and I cried...

I love those sexy ladies... and I miss you all very much, I cried so much just thinking about our camaraderie. Cheeseball.

On new years eve, I was with some of you..
Something questionable happened... 
That involved me, a stranger, and midnight...

But that night I told you about a special boy named Aaron Herrmann whom I had just met...
As you can probably remember, I told you he was so cool and so nice and so funny, but he had no teeth. Glady, no one seemed phased by this. Emily suggest that I kiss him without his teeth in. (as you can see above, it was merely a retainer)

I just want you to know I tried it once. 
Then he got real teeth... 

Then the fool moved to Texas.
I told him that while he was gone we would just be friends.
Obviously, my plans were foiled.

Love. Love. Love!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

can i have one?

A mexican baby, I mean.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heart Melting Cheesefest.

 My cell phone has gone AWOL, so Le Husband and I have been chatting via his cell phone (Thanks MGs for teaching me this somewhere along the line...) and Microsoft Outlook, which tends to be a little delayed.

So today I came home and had this little gem in my Gmail.

Dear Baby,
     I love you the mostest in all of the world.  I am very sorry that I wasnt able to talk to you more today, after school I came home and did some math homework but then I got real tired and fell asleep.  I have to go to work now but I will be thinking of you the whole time.  I love you so much and I cant wait to see you when I get home.  I love you I love you I love you.
From, Aaron

 I know so ... 4th grader, right? 
Did I mention his major food group is candy?
He cries when he needs a hair cut? 

I love that fool. That fool loves me. 

P.s. - I don't want to go to the gym until after all of the fools are done with their new years resolutions. I'm just going to stick with Wii fit and Yoga Fridays, sounds good right? Right....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A years worth of tithing...

Is a whole lot. But when i look at the blessings i recieve from living off of 90% of my income I feel Rich!

(My car broke down yesterday, we were looking at a $1700 dollar repair, but a second look only cost us 250!)


Monday, January 4, 2010

Sitting on my couch with a bag of peas on my head.

I have a migraine! 

I used to have them a lot growing up. I guess it's pretty common to have them when you're younger. Luckily they have slowed down quite a bit. I think reading gave me the most head-pounding trouble. 

The worst part of migraines is how they come in slowly all day, making you think they will disappear soon, but they get to the point of debilitation. I hated skipping young women's or achievement days because of them. (I didn't mind missing school though!) I used to just push through it until I felt really ill. 

Last year I went to the gym with a migraine and almost passed out! 

I guzzled a bunch of water today, I've sat in the dark with the lights off for a bit...

anybody have any migraine tips?

If you have a child with a migrane, you should lay him in a bathtub with a blanket in the dark! No windows allowed. That was my favorite way as a kid. 

I think sleeping is the best way to get rid of a migraine... or simply get through one. 

Also I just realized the bag of peas is open and I poured a few on my couch. and in my mouth. Deliiicious. 

Friday, January 1, 2010

On a more serious note...

Tonight, I got caught up in the grand scheme of things. 

I need to be able to think about things as they come. 

I worry (So much) about the welfare of my ONE day future children. 

How can you be raised in this world? How do parents do it? How can you help your child become who they are supposed to be? This world is full of so much sin. How can I create any kind of wholesome atmosphere? It makes me scared to have children, yet that is what I will do. (one day) 

I've always done this. I remember doing it when I was little. Hoping [praying] I had enough "time" to be here on this Earth and accomplish what is needed and have a family.  Yet always wishing Eternity was already here [well it is... I just wish I could comprehend the "after" part]. And sometimes, I forget I'm here... where I wished I was at age 6. 

I wrote another blog. with more detailed ramblings. but how deep can I go on a blog...

I just need someone to tell me how to do this. How can you teach your children in this world Christian values? How can you deal with the heartbreak of a child who goes against it?I want my children to feel the way I feel about my decisions in life?